Episode 10

Life. Death. Whatever. - We all know how this ends. Opening up the conversation about death and dying.

Published on: 12th March, 2021

Today we hear from Anna Lyons and Louise Winter. Anna is an end of life doula and Louise is a progressive funeral director. Together they are “Life. Death. Whatever.” Their mission is to redesign the dialogue around death and dying and to make these conversations part of the mainstream.

As I explain at the start of the interview I found the topic of death and dying quite difficult and I recognise that it was a fear of mine. Once I discovered Anna and Louise and read about their work and their approach I started to become more interested and felt more able to think and talk about the subject.

It started to bring into sharper focus the fragility of our life and has spurred me to try and live life as fully as I can. One question I find myself asking on a regular basis is how might I reflect upon situations when I am on my death bed. I find that helps me keep things in perspective and to try and focus on the things that really matter.

Anna and Louise have a new book called “We all know how this ends,” out on March 18th. Throughout the interview we discuss the book and I reflect on the emotions that it bought up for me and what I learned by reading it.

The conversation is open and honest and I don’t think I have read any other book that will have taught me as much as this one. I know there may be many people who have lost a loved one recently or caring for a loved one who’s unwell so please take care of yourself whilst listening.

You can find Life. Death. Whatever. on their website: https://www.lifedeathwhatever.com/ and on instagram

"We all know how this ends." is available now (ships on March 18th 2021) from all good book retailers. You can follow the link here to get your copy. (You can support independent bookshops by purchasing the books on the Life. Death. Whatever website through Bookshop.org, an online bookshop with a mission to financially support local, independent bookshops.)

This book has made me feel much less afraid and has opened up some great conversations in our house. I hope it does the same for you.

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