Episode 12

Caroline Domanska - Money mindset, financial freedom and how to take the first steps to improve your relationship with money

Published on: 26th March, 2021

Today we hear from Caroline Domanska, Caroline is a money mindset coach and has worked in the finance industry for over 20 years. In this episode we discuss all things money. How can we get the balance right with working, managing homes and childcare whilst also working towards financial freedom?

Money can be such a taboo subject and for women especially, even in 2021, it’s still all too common for women not to be in charge of their own finances.

We debunk the myths around financial freedom and what that might mean for different people. Financial freedom doesn’t have to mean zipping around the world on yachts and sipping on champagne (although that does sound rather nice!) Caroline shares how you can have a more open mindset when it comes to money. We all have a relationship with money, we have conditioning and our beliefs to go with it. Do you know what your beliefs are around money?

“What do you want money to do for you? What dreams do you want brought into reality? That’s all money does, it brings dreams into reality.”

Caroline asks, "Do you give money “jobs”? Money that doesn’t have a job tends to disappear! You can start taking more control of your finances even if you only have £1. It can help to get you psychologically in the right place."

Caroline gives loads of practical steps to help you unpick what your relationship is with money and how you can take simple steps to be better in control of your finances. I learned so much from my conversation with Caroline and I know you will too. If what you hear today resonates with you please do share this episode with your friends.

Caroline gave birth to her second baby during the lockdown in March 2020. "It's a very weird time to have a baby," Caroline recalls. "I went into the hospital on the 6th of March and the world seemed normal, my mum was allowed to be with me the whole time. Two weeks later when I left the hospital the world was a different place."

You can connect with Caroline through her website: https://moneymindsetcoaching.co.uk/

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