The importance of mental preparation for birth after trauma; my chat with Hannah Palamara about her VBAC after 2 emergency caesareans.

Published on: 12th April, 2021

This is a short bonus interview for you to enjoy! I interviewed the amazing Hannah Palamara for Episode 3 of Tipping The Balance and we recorded this extra chat just after.

Hannah and I have both had VBAC births (vaginal birth after caesarean.) Hannah was my birth photographer and managed to capture my VBAC birth at home in 2019. I will cherish those photos and birth video for ever.

During my labour I was flooded with fears and doubts and it really caught me off guard. I was sure I had done "the work" and preparation to be able to sail through my second birth but it turned out I was wrong.

Even though I had spent the best part of 2 years preparing and planning for my home VBAC I found the labour incredibly challenging. You can read my birth story and watch my birth video here.

In this bonus episode Hannah shares her experience of preparing for a VBAC for her third baby after 2 emergency caesarean births. We discuss how her preparation for her third baby differed from her other 2 births. We focus on the mental aspect of preparing for birth after previous traumatic birth experiences and how crucial that can be.

You can connect with Hannah via her website or instagram

Please share this episode with someone who you think will benefit from hearing this uplifting chat.

Love Katie x

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